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Worm Composting Bins

Okay, so maybe you don't want it in your kitchen, but it is a great way to turn kitchen scraps into rich compost!

Worm composting is an incredibly efficient way to convert kitchen scraps, junk mail and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Master gardeners agree that compost produced by worms will produce the best results and help your plants thrive! The Worm Factory's unique stackable, multi-tray design makes it the most efficient worm bin composter around.

What is composting?
Composting is a process by which microorganism, bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, and protozoa break down the food into simpler compounds by enzyme action, producing 100% natural organic fertilizer. Click here (a new window will open) to read more about vermiculture.

How do worms assist the composting process?
Worms don't eat garbage, they actually eat the microorganisms that decay the food, and in the process speed up composting producing worm castings, perhaps the best organic fertilizer for house plants, potted plants or gardens.

How does the Worm Factory self sorting upward migration system work?
Worms are placed in a tray along with bedding, a combination of fiber and food. The second tray of bedding is placed on top of the first tray. As the worms finish digesting the food in the first tray, they naturally seek more and migrate upward into the next tray. Continue adding trays and feeding the worms from the top. Most of your worms will leave the bottom bin, which is then emptied into the garden and rotated to the top of your Worm Factory.

How long does it take to get the system going?
In full operation the Worm Factory will house up to 12,000 worms. They will consume 5 to 8 pounds of food a week, allowing you to harvest a full tray of castings each month. It will take 6 to 9 months to reach this level.

What does the Worm Factory kit include?
Each Worm Factory comes with a 16 page detailed instruction booklet, 3-5 trays, a base with spigot, 'quick tips' lid, an accessory tool kit and the basic ingredients needed to create a bed in which your worms (sold separately) will flourish.

Where do I buy worms?
You may buy worms locally or order them through the Yelm Worm Farm (www.yelmworms.com).

What kind of worms should I use?
Not all worms are compatible with the Worm Factory. Red Wigglers are highly recommended.

How much food do worms eat?
In a healthy worm bin, one pound of worms will consume one pound of food (50% kitchen scraps and 50% fiber) a day.

Can I keep my Worm Factory outside?
Red Wiggler composting worms tolerate temperatures from 45 F to 85 F. They will not work in direct light and should be kept in a cool, covered area. In northern climates they should be kept inside when the temperature falls below freezing.

Will my Worm Factory attract insects?
Most worm bins have some problems with pests. Our instructions include several practical ways to reduce or eliminate them all together.

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