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Super Heavyweight Shammie

The most absorbent cloth you've ever seen. Picks up amazing amounts of any liquid without dripping and making a mess. Made in Germany and used throughout Europe for years instead of costly paper towels that you use once and throw away. Use the Super Shammie to wipe down counter and table tops, pull up spills out of carpeting, dry your hair, as a bath mat, wash your car, dry your pet, pick up spills, under your dish drainer and more. Super Shammies are machine washable and can be used with common household cleaners. 100% Rayon.

Colors: Available in blue, orange, or assorted

Dimensions: 19" x 26".

The Super Heavyweight Shammie is approximately twice the thickness of the Kitchen Lightweight Shammie.

In the kitchen
  • Use instead of sponges

  • Save on paper towels

  • Counter and table tops

  • Sanitary

  • Incredibly absorbent

  • Won't drip

  • Picks up crumbs

  • Picks up spills

  • Cleans and dries

  • Won't sour

  • In the bathroom
  • Wipe down shower walls, doors and fixtures

  • Super absorbent floor mat

  • Dry hair quickly

  • Wash and dry sinks

  • Around the house
  • Pick up spills from carpets and upholstery

  • Wash walls

  • Dry pets

  • Wash the car

  • Dry woolens quicker

  • Machine washable
  • Weight 1.00 lbs
    Price: $8.00