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Siroflex Swivel Sprayer Installation

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1. No tools are required to install your Siroflex Deluxe Double Swivel Sprayer. A wrench may be required to remove your old aerator if it is corroded.

2. Clean faucet threads

3. Insert anti-splash disk (gray disk) into knurled brass sprayer fitting. Make sure the molded protrusion on the disk is facing away from sprayer (inserted upside-down, it will interfere with full range of motion.). The anti-splash disk can be removed for low water pressure situations.

4. Insert thin rubber washer into knurled brass sprayer fitting.

5. If your faucet has outside threads, screw sprayer onto faucet and finger tighten. (Hose thread adaptors are also available.)

6. If your faucet has inside threads, screw plastic adapter into knurled brass sprayer fitting.

7. Place remaining rubber washer into recess in adapter.

8. Carefully finger tighten onto faucet taking care not to cross-thread the adapter threads.


Hard water and build up of soap, detergent and dirt takes it's toll on your sprayer over time. You'll find that you'll get years of use out of your sprayer if you clean it periodically.

1. Remove sprayer from faucet and soak in white vinegar as needed to clean internally. (Hot vinegar works best.)

2. Occasionally apply a light lubricant such as silicone grease to ball joints.

3. A light oil in the sliding head will make it change from spray to stream and back again easier.

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