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Siroflex Handheld Trigger Showers

The Italian made Siroflex Handheld Shower Set comes with the Siroflex trigger nozzle (with either the small spray head or the large spray head), an anti kink hose swivel, diverter valve, 200cm hose, trigger hanging hook and a Siroflex Ultra Shower head. No tools required to install.

This set makes the job of bathing youngsters much easier. Direct the rinse water where you want. You need a Siroflex handheld trigger set for bathing the elderly, the handicapped, your pets and simply rinsting all the shampoo out of your hair and the soap off your body. Not to mention rinsing the shower walls down when cleaning.

Use the diverter valve to switch 100% of the water effortlessly between your shower head and your handheld and back again. The Siroflex Trigger hangs on it's own hook and is out of the way when not in use. With it's unique on/off trigger, it's great for bathing as well and washing down shower stalls and tubs. And because the trigger allows some water through even in the "off" position, the water temperature stays the same. **This is normal** and an important safety feature to prevent scalding. (The far right photo above was taken with the water on at the mixer valve and the trigger in the "off" position. How much water that will trickle through the trigger in the "off" position depends on your water pressure)

You'll be able to choose which spray head you want on your Siroflex Trigger. The small head has 2 spray options (an aerated stream or a champagne spray - to change, simply pull the head in or out.) The large head has the same spray as the Ultra shower head (a.k.a. the "world's greatest shower head") or you may order the set with a heavy duty brass diverter valve and use a different shower head. The hose included with the deluxe set is a stainless steel 200cm double lock hose. The hose included with the standard set is the white PVC 200cm hose. The "Doggie Shower" from Siroflex has been one of our best selling products now for more than 20 years.

Many customers want to order the Siroflex Trigger Set to use with a shower head other than the Siroflex Ultra Shower Head. We offer the deluxe set with a solid brass diverter valve instead of the Ultra shower head. (i.e. a Giessdorf Shower Head and the Siroflex Trigger Set)

Weight 2.00 lbs
Price: $64.95
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