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9" Country Club RainStorm All Brass Shower Head

This is one LARGE - big, giant shower head!!

You must be careful with this shower head, you may never want to get out of the shower!

The 9 inch diameter Country Club RainStorm Shower Head covers your whole body, from head to toe, with a delightful deluge of water! Made from over 5 pounds of solid brass! Attaches directly to your existing shower arm pipe in seconds without any tools. (The 9" Country Club RainStorm shower head is too heavy to use on our dual shower head arms or standard adjustable extension arm)

75 brass jets deliver the water to you in a very large pattern. Some people call this the "lazy man's shower" because you don't have to keep moving around to get wet.

Easy to clear, the center "jet" is not a jet at all. Simply unscrew it and the entire face plate of the RainStorm shower head comes off for easy cleaning. You can mount this enormous shower head on any standard 1/2 inch shower pipe without any tools. Or, it can be installed using one of our locking extension arms, an 'S' riser pipe or a riser/extender arm (click here for more details on these arms or to purchase)

With the flow restrictor left in, the maximum flow rate is 2.5 gpm @ 80 psi.

Available in:

Polished Brass
Brushed Nickel
Titanium Gold

Choose your finish from the drop down menu below:

Weight 7.00 lbs
Price: $229.95

for all orders!