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Shower Diverter Valves

Diverter Valves allow you to have a standard shower head and a handheld shower on the same pipe. Simply attach the diverter valve to your existing shower arm pipe. Now you have an outlet for both your shower head and your hose.

Use the diverter valve to switch back and forth between the two. Our diverters completely divert the water from one unit to the other. Works exceptionally well with a slide rail shower.

Push/ Pull Brass Diverter Valve - Heavy duty solid brass. Push/pull to switch from shower head to handheld. Loose attaching nut allows this valve to be positioned in any direction and tightened on to a shower pipe or pipe nipple. Available in Chrome brushed nickel or polished brass/ 1/2" tapered threads.

Black Lever Brass Diverter Valve - Heavy duty solid brass. Turn black lever to switch from shower head to handheld. This design is usually better for double showers and triple showers. Please note, threads are 1/2" straight threads, not tapered. Showerheads with tapered threads (ie. Giessdorf and Adjustable Brass Shower Heads) will not work well with straight male threads.

Siroflex Diverter Valve - Switch from your standard shower head to your hald held with the flip of a lever. 1/2" straight threads. (Plastic)

Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $22.95
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