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Reya Mia Handmade Bakery Soaps

You are literally going to want to take an instant bite out of these soaps when you smell them. They are SOOOOOO utterly delicious!!

All our bakery soaps are made with fresh goats milk, cocoa butter, shea butters, yogurt or fresh honey. Ingredients will depend on each soap.

Our signature Oatmeal & Honey soap are made from organic honey, creamy goats milk and oatmeal baked right into the soap. The finished scent is a mouthwatering mixture of Honey, warm milk, toasted oatmeal and vanilla. The oatmeal also provides a soft exfoliation.

Bar sizes vary from 4.5 to 5.8oz. As with any handmade soap, colors and patterns and shapes will vary from batch to batch but the scent will always be the same.

Don't see a scent you received as a sample or in our scent list? Let us know... we can make a fresh batch and get it listed if you wanted to order.

If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Click here to read scent descriptions.

Weight 0.60 lbs
Price: $5.95

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