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Pro Gardening Auger System - Garden Auger

The Pro Gardening Auger attaches to any 3/8" or 1/2" household electric drill, both 110v and battery type. The Pro Gardening Auger's 1/2" hexagonal steel bits are designed to fit tightly and not slip. The Pro Gardening Auger eliminates the muscle wrenching, backbreaking work done with shovels, picks, pitchforks, and post hole diggers.

  • Easily and quickly create planting holes. (There is not a better tool for planting bulbs, than the 3" Aug.)

  • Effortlessly dig any size hole for tree, shrub, bush planting or post. hole digging. A shovel is only needed to remove broken up soil.

  • Auger 3" or 4" post holes up to 3 feet deep.

  • Auger out rotted posts set in concrete, for easy replacement.

  • Turn, chop and aerate compost piles. (Many people have purchased it, just for this one task.)

  • Use it like a roto-tiller in small gardens or raised flower beds to amend, break-up and loosen soils.

  • Weed, cultivate, and amend soils around existing plants.

  • Dig around and cut through roots for effortless removal of dead shrubs and bushes.

  • Mix concrete, grout, paint, potting soils, etc...

  • Under pavement augering for installation of PVC piping or low voltage lighting systems.

  • Use the Pro Gardening Auger in either the 3 inch or 4 inch diameter size to work in and around flower and vegetable plants. Easily breaks up soils and helps work fertilizers down to where the plants can use them. Quickly turn soil over for re-planting.

    Helps eliminate stooping. Use the 2 foot extension (combines with auger to a total of 3 feet) to work from a standing position. Easy on the back and legs. Extension works with either the 3" auger or the 4" auger.

    Quickly and easily dig 3 inch or 4 inch holes up to a depth on more than 3 feet with the sharpened solid steel augers. Works in soft soil or hard clay. When working in hard, compacted soil or clay simply 'tap' or 'bounce' the Pro Gardening Auger a bit while using, you'll be amazed at how easily it works through the hardest soils. Let the Pro Gardening Auger work for you. To dig a wider hole, make several smaller hole in a circle and then use the Pro Gardening Auger to breakdown the walls between them. The only thing you'll need a shovel for is to remove the loose, broken up soil.

    The Pro Gardening Auger System is made from tool grade steel and comes complete with all the pieces you'll need. Both a 3 inch and a 4 inch auger are included in the set along with the 2 foot extension and an easy to insert/remove locking pin. Please note - all augers are painted green now.

    Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty
    The manufacturer guarantees that if your Pro Gardening Auger should ever become damaged, even if the fault is yours, they will replace the damaged piece free of charge when it is returned to the factory. There is a shipping and handling fee of $8.95 required if the Pro Gardening Auger needs to be shipped back to the customer.

    Printable instructions and warranty sheet are located here.
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