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Worm composting is an incredibly efficient way to convert kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Most 'Master Gardeners' consider worm castings to be the very best compost available. Your plants will thrive with this all-natural compost.

Composting made easy! Sorting out the undigested scraps can be a messy, inconvenient chore with ordinary worm composters. The Worm Factory® automatically separates food scraps from finished compost. Simply fill the bottom tray with red wiggler worms, bedding and food (i.e. newspaper, junk mail, vegetable trimmings, fruit peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper, cardboard, etc). As the worms finish digesting, they will migrate upward into the tray above, leaving rich castings behind. The concentrated liquid created from the worm castings, also known as worm tea, can be effortlessly drained as liquid fertilizer from the spigot at the bottom of The Worm Factory. It couldn't be easier or cleaner. No mess. No unpleasant odors. The Worm Factory® can be placed indoors or outdoors for home owners and apartment dwellers alike.

An army of worms working just for you!

In full operation, the Worm Factory® houses 10,000 to 12,000 worms, consumes 5 to 8 pounds of food a week, allowing you to harvest a full tray of nutrient rich castings every month. Measures 16" x 16" x 21" for a 3 tray system, 3.5" higher for each tray added. Weighs approx. 11 lbs with 3 trays (empty).

Everything you need to get started.

Stacking Trays

Each tray is 16x16x5 and is made from recycled #2 plastics. The Worm Factory® can be ordered as 3,4 or 5 trays and can be expanded up to 7 trays. Three trays normally provides enough room for the kitchen waste of two adults. Each tray averages to be about 12 pounds when full of compost.

Worm Factory® Base

The base holds the stacking trays and collection tray.

Collection Tray

As your Worm Factory® processes compost it can creates a moisture called leachate or "worm tea". This moisture gets pulled down by gravity collecting nutrients along the way. The collection tray holds this liquid until your ready to spigot it out as liquid fertilizer. This is a very concentrated liquid and should be diluted with 2 parts water. Your plants will be greener than ever!

16-Page Instruction Book

Detailed instructions are provided on the setup and management of the Worm Factory®. Illustrated to show you the best techniques to use when vermicomposting. This manual is made from recycled paper and uses soy based inks.

"Quick Tips" Lid

Many people believe a lid is necessary to keep the worms from escaping from their Worm Factory®. Having a tight lid actually works against your worm composter by restricting air flow. Worms are sensitive to light and will move away from it as quickly as possible. The most important reason to have a lid is to protect the top layer from any light. As an added benefit we have placed the basic instructions on the lid in case your manual becomes lost.


A great growing medium and worm bedding material, coir is a byproduct of harvesting coconuts. Coir holds moisture and then releases it slowly allowing worms to keep moist. Once the compost enters your plants or garden any coir that comes along with it is great for growing strong root systems.

Worm Bedding

Created from a mixture of paper and cardboard, the worm bedding is crushed together and turned into a light fluffy substance that provides fiber for the worms and aerates the compost. The Worm Bedding comes in a brown paper bag that can also be put directly into your Worm Factory®.


The spigot allows valuable “worm tea” to be easily drained from the collection tray. Once you see the effect of “worm tea” on your plants you won't be able to get enough.

Each Worm Factory® comes with full instructions and everything you need to get started. The Worm Factory® is made in the U.S.A., constructed from high quality recycled and virgin food grade plastics, with a limited 5 year warranty from the manufacturer on materials and workmanship. It is very simple to assemble and can be stored in or outside. Operational in temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees.

How The Worm Factory® stands out from other competitors?

The Worm Factory® has a unique design which makes us much different from other upward migrating worm composters and here is why:

The Smallest Footprint: The Worm Factory® has the smallest footprint. It takes up 20% less floor space than larger units but there is no restriction on how many trays you can stack. The Worm Factory® is capable of holding the largest capacity in the smallest area.

Expandable and Manageable: The Worm Factory® is expandable allowing for multiple trays to be stacked on top of each other. As the compost shrinks, the trays shrink along with it allowing effortless, upward migration for the worms. The Worm Factory® is also more manageable than other composters. The Worm Factory's® trays hold about 12.5 lbs of compost which make them easy to lift and restack for people young and old.

Ventilation Lid with Tips: Some composters come with tight fitting lids. As compost processes, both gas and heat are given off which must be ventilated. If poorly ventilated, gas and heat build up and water is formed. With increased moisture in the bedding, the amount of oxygen is depleted. This fosters a chain reaction of anaerobic bacteria which creates more gas, giving off an obnoxious smell of rotten eggs. To operate an odorless worm composter at its maximum efficiency, the bedding and food must have a controlled amount of moisture and the maximum amount of air. This combination fosters aerobic bacteria, the essential, most basic, single element which worms consume. With The Worm Factory's® unrestricting lid, the loose fit provides maximum ventilation for air flow to get the good bacteria for your worms and to prevent that rotten egg smell. There are also composting tips printed on the lid for a quick reference.

Materials: 100% recycled and virgin food grade plastics. At one point you may have wondered, “What exactly does food grade plastic mean?” 100% recycled material can be unstable and may cause parts of the product to warp and distort. To help reduce the amount of warping, the trays include a mix of recycled and virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a waxy material that makes plastic sturdy. HDPE is used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, garbage containers and water pipes. Products made with HDPE will not give off chemicals that harm you or your food. This is why we say our product is made of “food grade plastic” as well as "recycled plastic".

Worm Bin Instruction Manual: One of the best features of The Worm Factory® is the complete 16 page, illustrated instruction manual. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, the manual will assure you a successful outcome of recycling your kitchen waste and create the most nutrient rich soil for your house plants, containers and garden.

Your new Worm Factory® comes complete with: 3, 4 or 5 Stacking Trays, Base, Ventilation Lid, Spigot, Worm Tea Collection Tray, Assembly Screws, 1 - 250gm Coir Brick, Shredded Paper, and 16 page Instruction Book.
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