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Nouveau Jet Shower Head

We also offer another slightly different version of the Jet Shower Heads. The Nouveau Jet Showerhead is a new style with a unique look. The Nouveau Jet Shower head does not have a flow valve.

This solid brass Jet Shower Head gives a terrific oxygen enriched shower with maximum amount of water of only 2.5 gpm @ 80 psi. By mixing air and water together and increasing the velocity of the water flow, you'll think you're getting much more water than you really are.

Using the venturi effect, the Jet Shower Head draws air into the shower head and mixes it with water. This gives you the feel of more water. And by increasing the velocity of water flow, the water hits your body with more force making rinsing your hair and body easier than conventional low flow shower heads.

Our Nouveau Jet Shower Head is available in Chrome only.

Price: $18.95

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