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New Zealand Chamois

Premium quality genuine Chamois Leathers. The very finest ultra soft chamois available. Grown and tanned in New Zealand using traditional methods refined and developed over decades of experience by the people who know sheep, the Kiwis. Extra thick and 100% genuine cod oil tanned. When you've decided to spend so much for your car, why skimp on the chamois? Especially when you can get the best chamois available for such a great price.

With proper care, your New Zealand Chamois will give you years of use.

Please note: chamois are natural skins and nature grows them in irregular sizes. They do not come in squares or rectangles. After they are tanned, the tannery in New Zealand sizes them, bags them, and marks the size on the bag. A 4 square foot chamois will have a surface area of 576 square inches or more, but will not measure 24" x 24".

In the kitchen
  • Use instead of sponges

  • Save on paper towels

  • Counter and table tops

  • Sanitary

  • Incredibly absorbent

  • Won't drip

  • Picks up crumbs

  • Picks up spills

  • Cleans and dries

  • Won't sour

  • In the bathroom
  • Wipe down shower walls, doors and fixtures

  • Super absorbent floor mat

  • Dry hair quickly

  • Wash and dry sinks

  • Around the house
  • Pick up spills from carpets and upholstery

  • Wash walls

  • Dry pets

  • Wash the car

  • Dry woolens quicker

  • Machine washable
  • Weight 0.40 lbs
    Price: $11.95