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Micro Fiber Testimonials

Below are emails that we have received from some of our micro fiber customers. They have all been 'cut and pasted' verbatim. The only editing we have done is deleting personal information such as last names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Dear Neat Items:

I had to let you know how much I love the new towels I got from you. I ordered the Honeywheat Reya's Splendor towel and every time I reach for it from my shower, I just think I'm being hugged by a soft, lovable teddy bear. I'm always looking for soft and absorbant towels and these are by far, the softest and most absorbant I've ever had. I'm thinking of ordering the bath sheet as a small blanket to cuddle in because it so comforting. I might regress to early childhood and carry my 'blankie towel' around with me because I love it so much.
Please see my attached order for more!

Karen C*****, Alameda, CA




JEFF C********

43** ****** ROAD



we already got out order and we love your cloths. We just ordered 10 more. I indicated that I would like to try a suede cloth. I hope you can take care of our order again. We got them yesterday 07/26.

We appreciate the quick delivery.


Hair Turbans: 2 Micro Fiber Hair Turbans @ $13.95 each


Remarks: Please send two WHITE hair towel turbans. I placed an order earlier and received 1 white and 1 blue and we loved them! But the next two need to be white. Thank you!!!

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding how pleased I am with my recent order for 10 microfiber cloths (you were short a few of the 15 x 15 cloths and substituted double the 12 x 12 cloths). These are really high quality microfiber... and I thank you for the substitution rather than shorting my order or holding it up for shipment.

I've never tried the suede cloths... do you think they would be of value in my use (polishing my car)?

R. Saul L***********, Ph.D.

Thanks for the prompt service! I received the turban today and it is exactly what I wanted. Many thanks.


Steve & Ana,

Sometime back I wrote you asking if your suede cloths were as good as the Trasan brand cloths. You said they were at least as good as Trasan. Today I received my order and was extremely pleased to see the quality of the suede was indeed as good as, if not better than the Trasan brand, just as you said.

I was also very impressed with the terry cloth towels. The minute I withdrew them from the envelope I could feel them cling to my skin like Velcro! I thought it was just because I had been welding all day at work and my hands were rough, but when I handed them to my wife, she couldn't believe how they were clinging to her hands, also! By the way, thanks for the discount on the towels.

If we ever dry out down here in southern California, I'll put these towels to use cleaning my new Honda CR-V! I am going to let my wife try the terry cloth towels when she cleans to see how she likes them. She owns a janitorial service and I am hoping these will do a better job the rags she is using now.

Wait until my mother hears about these cloths! She bought a whole shopping bag full of the Trasan cloths at $16.00 apiece and they were smaller than yours!! She's going to be sick when she hears I paid one quarter the cost of hers and got more for it!

Oh, one more thing.....those optical cloths are super, too!

Mike H*********



I received the terry cloths last week. Thanks a lot! When they arrived my wife wanted to know why I ordered more of "those things". I simply told her that they were great, and I thought she would like them, too. She wasn't convinced, and I could tell she thought I was losing it.

Well, instead of putting them away, I left them out on the kitchen counter the next morning when I left for work, just to see if I could tempt her into using them. Upon returning that afternoon she greeted me with a lilt in her voice, "Hey, those terry cloths are neat! I used some at work today, and they cleaned a big picture window without any streaks!" (As I said before, she owns a cleaning service). Mission accomplished! You have another convert!

I suspect I'll be ordering more in the future....hope you are still around then!

Mike H********, Chino, Ca.

Steve & Ana Hall

You guys are Wonderful.



I have purchased some of your Ultra fine MF towels and I must say that they are the best quality MF towels I have seen. Their plush consistency is second to none.


Dave G***

Thanks for letting me know Steve. Boy you just had to rub the Hawaii thing in my face didn't you! (ha!ha!) I absolutely love the micro cloths. My house has never been so clean.
Thanks again,
Nancy O*******

Hey there,

One of the things that I've noticed with these towels is that they are indeed pretty plush and soft. Apparently they are of 70/30 blend. Very high quality really. I am widely recognized as being the microfiber guru for probably the best auto detailing forum in the world, which is Autopia.

Extremely knowledgeable people who are allowed to give their honest opinions and recommendations on any and all products despite the fact that this forum is sponsored by Classic Motoring Accessories.

Anyway, I will be sure to tell my fellow detailers of these high quality towels of your. In fact, I will be sending a few out so that others can try them out for themselves. As regards to comparing them with other towels. These appear to be better than the 3M, Nicsand, Microfiber.org, American Shine, and lower quality Viper ones. The only towels that appear a bit better in my opinon are the Miracle Towels that are sold at Classic Motoring Accessories and which are also sold by Tim at www.tacscar.com. Not bad at all. Certainly a more affordable and nearly identical high quality.


Thank you very much! I have not seen these towels offered in pink before and I really like them. I happen to use these towels exclusively on a Corvette Convertible that I present for show at car shows, so the items used on the finish must not lint or scratch. I will keep an eye out for the bath size MicroFiber towels as well. Thanks again. -Kimberly


Dear Steve -

Hi. You are absolutely correct when you say that there is a huge difference in quality when it comes to individual MicroFiber Towels. I'm not sure if you are aware, but there is currently an issue with many of the MicroFiber Towels currently available (the Ultimate towel, the Miracle towel, etc.) on the market right now, and that is that they are leaving behind hundreds of tiny fibers on the surface that they are used on. (This had not been a problem several months ago, only recently). Regardless of how many times they are washed and dried, they are leaving these fibers behind, and they seem to adhere by static cling. To me, given the application of the towels in my situation, this is completely unacceptable. I was a little unsure of what to expect when I ordered the MicroFibers from you, but I was pleasantly surprised because they leave behind absolutely no fibers and do not scratch the finish on the car. In my opinion, they are an excellent towel for the money.

I would also like to tell you that your business is frequently mentioned on a Automotive Detailing Forum that I belong to as a source for quality MicroFiber towels. It was actually through the Forum that I heard about your business and decided to order.

I sincerely hope that your towels remain the same in quality. No one can offer a reason why other towels are causing such a problem with loose fibers, other than a change in manufacturing. But I am glad that I was made aware of your Web Site, as I will be ordering again in the future. Thank you. Sincerely, Kimberly


Hi Steve -

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order of MicroFiber towels today, and once again I am VERY pleased with the quality. An excellent towel for the price!

Thanks also for the sample of the suede microfiber towel that was included with my order. It is very interesting, (soft and smooth), and I am going to try it out on the interior of my car. When the suede towels first came out, I was not too sure what to make of them, but they are very nice indeed.

One quick question - on the paperwork that was included with my order, it states that there will be a $2.00 shipping charge applied to towel orders, per order. Is it now correct that you will begin to charge $2.00 per towel order for shipping? I am certainly not complaining, just want to be sure that I understand your policies.

Thanks again for the great customer service, and supplying us "auto detailing fanatics" with a high quality towel that we trust on the finishes of our cars at a reasonable price (not to mention color selection - that's great too!)

Sincerely, Kimberly W*******

Steve - thanks for your call just now - wanted to also mention that your towels are great - no linting!

I also wanted to mention that whatever supplier you are getting them from pls continue to do so --- you may have noticed (not that you follow it) at www.autopia-carcare.com - in the detail forums that there are many complaints about micro fiber linting (which was not a problem earlier in the year) --- I myself have tried many places and paid top dollar for towels which still linted so much basically you could not use them! The ONLY other place that I have found currently that has non-linting micro fiber is www.wizardsproducts.com - but towels are more expensive - and no free shipping. Your service is also top notch.

Just wanted to mention this ...and thanks.

Thanks so much! I received the hair turbans today. I just love them.


Steve ...

I've never used MF towels before but based on comments I've seen on a detailing forum, yours are highly regarded. If so, I'm sure I'll be back for more.
Thanks ... Alan

Hi Steve, just to let you know I received the towels and have put them to good use on my Corvette. Appreciate the prompt delivery. Thanks.


received my 10 neatitems microfiber towels and i am very pleased with the towels and speed of delivery.
beau h*******

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to thank you for the micro fiber cloths. They arrived yesterday (quick shipping!) and the quality is excellent. I had a couple of questions that I thought you may be able to answer. I noticed that certain colors of the plush terry cloths are more "plush" than others. Is this random or a "color coded" type thing. You may want to consider rating the plushness based on the color unless it's totally random and a green one that is plush today might be less so next month. I suppose it could be lot to lot differences and the color dyes used on each batch. In any event, they are all really nice quality and I will recommend neatitems to my "detailing" friends.

Regarding the suede type cloth, I washed them all together -plush and suede in cold water, gentle cycle and the pink suede colored one bled its color onto the other towels. I know you suggest using the suede for face and body, however with the dye coming out after a cold water wash, I don't think I'll have my wife use them on her face.

Thanks again for the excellent service and quality products.


Bob D*****

All of our micro fiber cloths are made by the same company. There has been a very slight difference in the 'plushness' of some colors of cloths versus other colors. This difference wasn't pointed out to us until the car detailers discovered us. They naturally want the best for their finishes. I don't think most of our customers will even notice a difference in the various colors. As to the suede cloth bleeding, red dyes will bleed in the first wash in most fabrics. Looks like Bob's wife has decided to use it as a wash cloth after all when you read his next email.

Hi Steve,

I wanted to thank you again for my second Microfiber products. The plush bath towel that I received is amazing! Upon first looking at it, I thought to myself, how can this be better than a Fieldcrest Charisma when it appears so thin. I tried it and was amazed how it wicks the water off your body and dries your skin so well, unbelieveable! My wife is now using the suede cloth in place of a wash cloth and loves it. She can't wait to try the MF hair Turban which I purchased for her. It is rare to find an internet company that consistently sells products that exceed expectations, however, neatitems.com has achieved that honor- great products, great low prices, fast shipping, need I say more?

Happy Thanksgiving,

Bob D*****

By the way, your bath size is getting a great review right now from one of the members for drying his vehicle.


Forgot to say though - did you see the prices on those waffle towels!!! - if you ever did get them in I'm sure you can do a LOT better - they are really expensive IMHO.

Also forgot to agree with you on the linting (you're getting a very GOOD rep on the net by the way for lint free towels and prices)... I've had some that sold.

William D******

Steve - you must have read my mind - I just logged in to write to you to add a glass magic cloth to my order for myself to test (which I forgot to order) anyway by coincidence!

I follow Autopia only here and there due to time and as much of the postings are repeats of what can easily be found via searching its archives. The left more lint than the water I was trying to wipe up.

Don't worry about the waffle weave - it seemed to stay a bit dryer than straight terry - but yesterday do you know that after two washings my one Griots and ordered two of your large towels - and saved 14 dollars!

Anwyay, thanks again for the glass cloth - I'll let you know what I think - my car can be filthy but I HAVE to have perfectly clean windows!

Happy holidays to you also !

William D*******

It is wonderful! I have one of those fake looking wood floors and everything I tried on it left streaks and marks. I tried one of the cleaning rags on it, and I was so impressed I thought I would try the mop! Anybody who has one of these kinds of floors would love it! Thanks, Chris

hello Steve,

I just would like to thank you for quickly mailing the towels to me. I recently tried them on my car and they were excellent. I didn't see any linting problems and a single towel can pick up quite a bit of water.

It was good doing business with you. I will recommend you to my friends.


I received the towels a few days ago and just wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with them. I've been searching for a MF towel good enough to use for car detailing and have finally found one. Thanks for selling a good product, I'll be placing another order today.

Kerry S********


Thanks for your quick response. I have my own cleaning business, and wanted to try each of the cloths to see which I'd like the most. I've been very happy with micro fibers products and of course have been attracted to your free shipping and easy of ordering.

Thanks, Brigitte

Received the cloths on Wednesday, 12/26, they're wonderful. Thank you for the quick service!

This emailed was sent to Reb's mother and he cc'd us a copy. The cloth he is referring to is the micro fiber Glass Magic window cloth.>

Did you receive a glass cloth with your shower-head? I ordered one with each shower-head gift, and one for myself. Anyway, they work, in fact they work really well. I have clear glass doors on my shower, they have to be squeegeed after every use to keep the water spots at a minimum. However, when the glass doors are cleaned, there is always a little soap scum and water deposits remaining, nasty difficult to remove stuff.

I received my cloth a couple days ago, I started with the mirrors in the bath, I have a vanity mirror that is 5' x 8', worked like a charm. Them I went on to the shower doors, not quite as easy, but again worked like a charm. Including, the brass frame that holds the frameless doors and even the brass faucet and showerhead.

So next, the acid test. I have a smooth black ceramic cooktop. Very easy to keep kinda clean, very difficult to get really clean. I started, as usual with a razor scraper to get the burned on stuff off, then I used my new cleaning cloth. By the way, did I mention, you only use warm water with this thing. So rather than the usual degreaser, and then a couple rounds of Windex, I was able to wipe it clean and streak free easily. And, when the cloth starts to streak, you just throw it in the washer, which is where mine is headed.

They said these things worked well. I am a believer. I can't wait to attack all of the mirrored closet doors that always seem to have streaks. I am impressed.


Hi Steve -
I just wanted to let you know that I received the cloths Saturday and that I am pleased with the quality. Thanks so much for your prompt service and reasonable pricing. I will definitely be a return customer!


Just wanted to thank you again for cleaning cloth. My wife used it over the weekend for the first time and was amazed at how well it worked! She walked me around the house to show me how well it cleaned everything. She asked me to order more, so as soon as I get some free time, I'll put in an order.
Thanks again!

got the towels friday....Wow! It's a strange feeling to get dry so quickly with such a thin towel...these are gonna go camping. Thanks!

Bob G****


Well my hubby just washed the car as usual this past week. He couldn't believe the amount of time saved with the "Mint Green" micro fibre cloth. He truly LOVES them.

Carole S********

Several months ago I ordered microfiber cleaning cloths from you. I am thrilled with your product. The cloths are thick and large enough to do the messiest project. Thank you. I am a Professional Organizer who hosts a website. I'd like to add a link to your site and recommend your products. I trust this will be alright with you. You may visit my site to see what I offer. Go to www.come-to-order.com. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I would appreciate you using my business title and a reciprocal link would be much appreciated though not necessary if it is against your policies. Jane Brunclik come-to-order professional organizing services saving you time, space & money www.come-to-order.com

Got my order a few days ago and tried the CD test for the first time. Couldn't believe that my other plush towels scratched the CD and your Neatitem towels did not. Great towel.


The "CD Test" is used by many car detailers to determine the abrasiveness of a towel or cloth. By rubbing a new cd with the cloth and then holding it up to the light, you can see if the cloth is scratching the surface of the cd.

I have to say that your towels are AWESOME! I absolutely love them! I will be getting more in about a week or so. I cannot believe how soft they are! I am definitely going to recommend them!

Good job,

tx for the reply - i used the large terry this am & found it t/b excellent - i will let my buddy's know - really good prices as well!



The optical cloth is excellent... much better that the other mini micro fibers I have tried. Would you recommend the terry microfiber for removing eye make-up? Make up remover makes my wife's eyes burn, and I thought I remember seeing that MF's can be used to remove eye makeup without chemicals...


We recommend the micro fiber suede cloths for facial use.

Dear Neatitems:

I got my microfiber cloths earlier than expected. Detailed the car this weekend and they did a fantastic job. Best cloths I've used so far. I'll put a good word in at http:/*************** and a friend is going to put an order in as well. Thanks very much.

Adam M*****

well i received the items a few days ago and i'm impressed w/ the quality of the terry and suede microfiber towels. thanks for the rush delivery



Your wife is AMAZING! My goodness, with all the hundreds of people she must have talked to at the boat show, I can't believe she actually remembers me! Please tell her I'm flattered, and "hello" back. As you can probably tell from my order, I've found those cleaning cloths to be indispensable! I've got to have one for each bathroom on the boat, and a few for home too. Great product!

I hope you had a successful show.

Sweet Eats and Savory Thymes,

Stephanie P*******-********

Steve, thank you. I first saw this turban at the Oakland Boat Show. Bought one and have used it every day since, with great satisfaction. I thought my long-haired niece Alison could use one for her college dorm. But I will be ordering more, you can bet on it! I enjoyed your website and previewing the other products you distribute. They really ARE neat items!

Linda S**********

We LOVE the terry towels and the head cover is the best! Thanks!!!!



Thanks for the very quick shipment. I received the towels today and they feel/look great. I'm sure my M Coupe is going to love them.


Mark H******

Mr. Hall ~

WOW, that was fast. Whoooo-ee! Lightning! And, taking a look at what the microfiber cloths turned out to be (you never know, ordering online) -- the price you offer is outstanding, relative to what seems to me to be the typical market price for these things. The suede microfiber cloths in particular are working really well for me... I'm cleaning my glasses with them right now. I'm finicky about my lenses, and... they're turning out perfect!

Whenever I order things online, if there's an option offered at the end of the shopping cart process to review the merchant, I usually don't, but if there's any mechanism for reviewing your store that I can still participate in somehow, please send me the link. Extraordinary!




I must tell you I have tried the Micro Fiber cleaning towels and was amazed how well they work. I’ve been telling everyone about them and they all will be ordering them soon.

Thanks again for all your help.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday Season.

Bunny H*****

Thanks for the great service and the great towels. I love them! Debbie


I've ordered many microfiber towels from you. You guys are the best.


I received my micro fiber cloths a few days ago. I'm impressed with the lightening speed shipping. I'm even more impressed with the cloths themselves. They work like magic. I've already found a million uses for them and I'll be ordering more.

Thank you,
Mary F*******


Received my order today and I am so pleased -- the clothes are thicker than the one I paid $15 for.

Any chance of becoming a distributor. I have a B&B and would love to carry them in my business.

Thanks, Kathy
Inn Town B&B at the Spencer House

Very pleased with the MF terry towels. I passed on your web site to some friends, Kim B**** and Dennis T**** who I believe both will be placing orders if they haven't already. I do auto detailing as a part time endeavor and use the MF towels a lot. Thanks once again Ron

Received my order of gmc and microfiber cloths today. I have used the cloths before, but the glass magic was a first. I tried it immediately on the patio glass top table and it's really a miracle cloth! I hated to do mirrors, windows - glass of any kind - because NONE of the glass cleaners ever delivered what they promised: a streak free shine! Neither did the "home remedies" such as ammonia, vinegar, newspaper - I tried them all without success.There are two large glass sliding doors to the patio, lots of windows, many glass top tables throughout the house and walls of mirrors in the bathrooms. I am looking forward to start cleaning all of it, starting tomorrow. Oh - by the way - the windshield of my car was a mess, but with the glass miracle cloth I had it clean in a couple of minutes, looking better than it did coming new from the dealer. Now I need to find out how long they last!
Thanks for a great product!
Elisabeth M. P******


One year ago I bought various cleaning cloths from you, including two micro fi ber terry cloths, before we moved to Norway. As a test, I didn't buy many because I didn't know your product quality yet. It turned out that your products are amazing. They pick up dust much better and certainly have higher quality than other micro fiber clothes on the market. So your micro fiber cloths become my precious treasure in Norway where it is impossible to find such high quality micro fiber cloths.

Unfortunately, my husband threw away by mistake one of my two micro fiber terry cloths after the first use. This made me mad because for one year I have to make do with one micro fiber terry cloth only. Anyway, this coming October, we are going to visit New Orleans. So we are going to order more cleaning items from you and bring them to Norway.


Alexandra H*****

I placed a few orders for Neatitems.com microfiber towels between a year and two years ago.............best I've found so far (used for autodetailing). I need to order more, and just wanted to make sure you haven't changed suppliers, quality, etc. [sorry to ask, but better I know now than after I order :-)

Thanks for your help.


Ernie H******

thanks - our trumpets LOVE these.

I received my order today (various microfiber towels) via FedEx. I want to tell you that every single issue involving my order was absolutely first rate. I found your excellent and informative website through a Google search for "Microfiber Towels." The site, ordering, shipping, selection and the items themselves could not have been better. Yours was one of the rare business transactions that leave a customer smiling. The service and product is excellent. Thank you.

Sonny T***********

Most fantastic cloth I have ever seen. Cuts cleaning time in half.

Donna T********

for all orders!