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Micro Fiber Terry Sports Towel (26x26)

Use Wet
• Absorbs 5 - 7 times its weight in liquid.
• Cleans deep and streak free in one step, often without chemicals.
• Wash your car, boat or airplane quicker.
• Won't scratch, non-abrasive.

Immerse your Ultrafine Micro Fiber Terry Cloth in warm or hot water and use to clean walls, floors, cars, and other stubborn, hard to clean areas. A small amount of cleaner or disinfectant can be used. After cleaning, you may want to wring the Micro Fiber Cloth or use a clean dry Cloth to go back over the surface to dry it.

Use Damp
• Keep soap scum and hard water deposits from forming on shower stalls and walls.
• Streak free glass, windows, mirrors, appliances and more.
• Use on glass, chrome, Plexiglas, granite, vinyl, plastic, upholstery, clothing, carpet, tile, paint, fiberglass, chrome, skin, brass, wood, porcelain, stainless steel, acrylic, hair, leather, Formica, brass, linoleum, marble, LEXAN, varnish, fur, ...

Slightly dampen your Ultrafine Micro Fiber Terry Cloth or use the Cloth dry with a spritzer bottle and slightly dampen surface as needed with just water. You'll be amazed at how easily oily dirt and grime lift off surfaces and are left clean and streak free. Next time you need to clean just remember - Wet it, Wring it, Wipe it.

Use Dry
• Scratch-free.
• Collects dust like a magnet.
• Great for TV's, computers, stereos, cameras, glasses, CD's and glassware.
• Pickup spills.
• Detailing cars.
• Reduces the risk of dust allergy attacks.
• Bath towel size dries faster than cotton bath towels.

Used dry, your Ultrafine Micro Fiber Terry Cloth is the best dust cloth you'll ever use. It doesn't just move dust and dirt around like ordinary cloths, it picks up the dust and dirt. One swipe across your TV set will convince your. Even picks up fingerprints and smudges. Like nothing you've ever used before.
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