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Micro Fiber Suede Towel Set

1 Bath Towel: The Micro Fiber Suede Bath Towel size is proving to be a big hit with the RVer's, boaters, backpackers and campers. They fold up to an incredibly small size and are still more absorbent than your fluffiest cotton bath towel. Due to the wicking action of ultrafine micro fiber, the suede towels dry much, much quicker than ordinary towels.
65cm x 120cm (approx 26" x 48")

1 Hand Towel: Our Micro Fiber Suede Hand Towels are a traditional rectangular size. Can also be used as a sports towel.
35cm x 60cm (approx 14" x 24")

1 Wash Cloth: A generous sized wash cloth. Use the Micro Fiber Suede Wash Cloth to gently clean delicate surfaces. Removes make-up without cleaners. Keep one in the glove box in your car for wiping glasses, sunglasses, cleaning the dash, removing smudges from your windows, taking fingerprints off CD's, etc.
40cm x 40cm (approx 16" x 16")

Colors available in bath sets are - Sky Blue, Lime Green, Yellow or Light Pink
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $24.95

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