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La Petite Express Milk Frother and Drink Mixer

No need for the fancy coffee pot or expensive, hard-to-clean espresso machine. Forget the fancy equipment. Now you can have lattes and cappuccinos whenever you want.

This is a kitchen tool I personally use every day. We used to fire up the espresso machine every morning and steam the milk and brew the coffee, but no more with the La Petite Express in our galley. I like to put a little non-fat milk in the bottom of my cup and froth it up to a nice foamy head. Then I pour my coffee right into it. The better half likes to fill a mug about 1/3 full and then froth it, microwave it, and then pour the coffee. Instant latté. Either way, no mess or clean-up. Just rinse the La Petite and you're done. Take one to work and kick the $3.75 a cup latte habit.

In addition to easy-to-make inexpensive coffee drinks, use your La Petite Express for mixing hot chocolate (makes a wonderful creamy top), sports and vitamin drinks (even those hard to mix ones), baby formula, whip eggs (for the fluffiest omelets you've ever had), cocktails, even blend vinegar and oil together. You'll find more and more uses for the La Petite Express.

Dieting? Try this. Ice cold non-fat milk in a cold glass (only about 1/3 full). Froth with the La Petite until milk is stiff. Add sweetener and some vanilla and you have zero fat desert topping. Stir in some chopped up fresh fruit and you have a super lo-cal treat.

The safety blade is safe for even youngsters to use. We use ours several times every morning and even with that much use the 4 AA batteries last for months. Travels anywhere so it's perfect for RV's and boats.

The La Petite Express comes with it's own blade cover and a mounting bracket you can screw onto the inside of a cabinet door. (We used double sided tape and mounted ours right to the side of the coffee pot.) Or just keep it in a drawer, it doesn't take up a lot of room.

Comes in your choice of black or white. Makes a great gift.
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