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L'il Sucker instructions

It's this easy to put a L'il Sucker on a can or bottle.

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Step 1
Start L'il Sucker at the bottom of the can or bottle.

Step 2
Slide L'il Sucker up onto can or bottle about 2" with fabric side against

Step 3
Pull L'il Sucker down and turn so rubber side is against can or bottle.

Step 4
Pull L'il Sucker down to bottom edge of can or bottle.

Step 5
L'il Sucker should be up about 1/2" on bottom of can or bottle. It's ready
to use.

Once you set the can or bottle down, you'll need to know how
to get it un-stuck.

L'il Sucker holding a coffee can on the side of a glass cabinet
They really suck!

Breaking the seal
Use any finger to simply lift an edge of the L'il Sucker.

Seal broken
Once the seal is broken, you can easily lift the can or bottle.

L'il Sucker instructions

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