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L'il Sucker Drink Holder

No more spills. No more mess. Get years of use from this high grade, durable, engineered neoprene rubber suction device. Tested successfully at over 85 MPH on the bow and console of a 42' off shore racing boat at the Miami International Boat Show.

With hundreds of uses the L'il Sucker is sure to minimize your spills. Soda cans, drinking glasses, baby bottles, coffee cups, ketchup bottles, shampoo bottles, styrofoam cups, beer bottles, wine bottles, paint cans, paper cups, water bottles, mugs, carafes, and more. It works anywhere...anytime... even works wet.

Works on any smooth non-porous surface, wet or dry. Use the L'il Sucker on wood, aluminum, stainless, fiberglass, vinyl, ceramic, plexiglass, hypolon, linoleum, plastic, fiberboard, paint, sheet metal, desks, pvc, work benches, lexan...

Super strong suction.

Don't find out the hard way just how expensive it is to spill a cup of coffee on your laptop. Or what a mess a can of soda makes when you toss a screwdriver on your work bench and knock it over. We won't even get into spilling that half full can of paint! You'll find yourself using the L'il Sucker Ultimate Drink Holder for more than just drinks. How about a can full of nails or screws while you work? Holding down Fido's water bowl? A carafe of orange juice? A quart of varnish? A bottle of wine?

Easy to Use.

Great for your boat, RV, car, truck, tractor, airplane, office, work bench, computer table, coffee table, end table, lawn mower, desk, kitchen table, picnics, parties, camping, van, etc. CLICK HERE for instructions.

The small size stretches up to 3". It fits cans and bottles from the size of a small V8 can up to a standard 750ml wine bottle. Also for mugs, glasses, cups, quart/liter carafes. Sent in assorted colors.

The medium size fits quart paint cans, large mugs, can coolers, large carafes, champagne and magnum bottles. Sent in assorted colors.
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