Jet Handheld Showers

Our sold brass Jet Shower Head gives a terrific oxygen enriched shower with a minimum amount of water, only 2.5 gpm @ 80 psi. By mixing air and water together and increasing the velocity of the water flow, you'll think you're getting much more water than you really are. Accompany this with a 200cm hose (approx. 80") and you have the convenience of a hand held shower too.

Using the venturi effect, the Jet Shower Head draws air into the shower head and mixes it with water. This gives you the feel of more water. And by increasing the velocity of water flow, the water hits your body with more force making rinsing your hair and body easier than conventional low flow shower heads.

Use the built in flow control valve while soaping up and shampooing and you could end up using less than 1 gallon per minute for your showers. The flow control allows you to adjust the water flow from a mere trickle on up to a full flow or anywhere in between without changing the temperature of the water.

Choose the all brass fitting you like, the peg & elbow or the conical hose one piece bracket. Fits standard 1/2" thread. All fittings are hand tightened... no tools used to install. (You may need a wrench to take off your old showre head)

Choose between Chrome/White, Brushed Nickel/White or Polished Brass/White.

The chrome/white set is available with a 200cm stainless steel hose or a 200cm white PVC hose. The Gold/White set is available with your choice of a gold plated all brass 150cm brass hose or a vinyl 200cm hose. The Brushed Nickel set comes with a 150cm brushed nickel brass hose.

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