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ISA 'Splash' Handshower Sets

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A great new modern look to compliment your bathroom. Bold new handles offer a larger grip.

ISA are quality handshowers from Italy. Finally, a handheld shower with the feel of a great European shower head. Easily installed without tools right to your existing shower pipe, standard 1/2" threads. Your choice of champagne spray (non adjustable) or 3-way massage spray at the same price. both feature the exclusive ISA "fast clean" anti-lime system.

All ISA Splash Handshower Sets come with a heavy duty 200cm stainless steel hose or vinyl hose for chrome, chrome & gold or white sets. 150cm brass hose for gold or white & gold sets. Easily reach all the way to the end of a tub/shower.

The handheld bracket allows the handheld handle to easily pivot up and down to change the angle of the spray. And unlike many brand of hand held showers, our bracket holds the hose, not the handle. T his means that any part can easily be replaces with any brand at a future date.

Flow inserts are included with every ISA Handshower Set. These inserts allow you to adjust the flow according to your water pressure. Simply unscrew the hose from the handheld showerhead and insert the restrictor that's right for your water pressure. No tools required. All ISA handles come with a set of flow restrictors. (Flow restrictors do not fit in non-ISA 5 Setting massage handles.)

Stock on these handles vary, here is currently what finishes are in stock:

Chrome w/Gray handle (massage only in stock)
Chrome w/Blue handle (champagne & massage in stock)
Chrome & Gold (champagne only in stock)
White & Gold (champagne & massage are in stock)
Satin & Chrome (champagne & massage are in stock)

Please choose your ISA Spash Handshower Set from the drop down menu below:

Weight 3.00 lbs
Price: $79.95
Style handle
Add a Chrome ISA flow valve

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