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ISA Roller Italian Slide Rail Shower Set

The ISA "Roller" Slide Rail Shower Set is the only slide rail shower that we sell that does not require drilling into your shower wall to mount the slide rail. It attaches directly to your plumbing right where your existing shower arm pipe is.

ISA of Italy markets this slide rail shower set as the "Click clack". We like the concept but not the function of it. The problem is with the handle, it snaps on and off the slide rail and is fixed so the spray is almost straight down. This requires the user to stand very close to the rail. We also found it harder to remove the handle from the bar. To solve this problem. we special ordered the click clacks with the ISA Yoga yoke and the Bliss, Splash or Plus handle. Now you can easily slide the handle up and down the bar as well as change the angle of the spray. We call these sets the ISA Roller Slide Rail.

In the above picture, you will see front and back pictures of the top fitting. While the slide rail can be mounted by drilling into the wall, most commonly this slide rail is attached directly to your shower pipe in your wall.

Installation is simple:

1. remove your shower arm pipe
2. Screw a small pipe nipple in it's place.
3. Attach the top fitting to the pipe nipple.
4. Screw your hose fitting to the bottom of the slide rail.

The slide rail is now part of your plumbing.

Weight 3.00 lbs
Price: $179.95

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