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Cedar FAQs

Do I need to refinish my furniture a year or two from now?

Yes and no. If you decide not to refinish your furniture, you may let it slowly weather to a silver/gray. Many of our customers love the look while others prefer to keep the bright natural look finish or the color wash finish they ordered the furniture in. Other factors that enter into the decision is the weather where you live; sunny and hot, cool and wet? Do you store the furniture in the winter? Cover it?

The sun and exposure to the elements change the surface color of unprotected cedar, but does not affect the structural integrity of the cedar. Whether or not you decide to keep the 'like-new' color or let it gray, it is important to clean the furniture at least once a year (see below.)

What kind of weather finish should I use?

While there are many good products available, there are some features that you may want in a good weather finish.

Oil or water based? Typically the oil based products last longer, but they are usually harder to clean up and more toxic to you and the environment. Water based products are generally easier to use and clean up.

Are insects a problem where you live? Cedar is naturally insect resistant, but some finishes offer additional insect resistance.

Do you live in a wet climate? Look for a product with a mold inhibitor.

Do you live in a hot climate? Most good finishes will have UV protection in them and a yearly application is recommended.

Paint? You can certainly paint your furniture if you so desire. Be sure to use a good primer on the clean, bare wood before applying the finish coat.

If you order your cedar furniture from us with a Natural Weather Finish, it is protected with Cuprinol® (black label) available from Sherwin Williams Paint Stores. This is an easy to use finish that is relatively safe to use. Whatever finish you decide to use always consider your health and safety and follow all manufacturers’ directions.

How do I clean my furniture?

A pressure washer makes cleaning super easy. Otherwise you can clean your furniture with a soft brush and a good wood cleaner available at most hardware stores. Be sure to rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly before applying any finish.

Do I need to store my furniture in the winter?

It is always best if you can put the furniture away in the garage or shed for the winter. If you do not have a place to store the furniture and you would like to cover it, just remember to make sure the furniture is dry before you cover it. Plastic tarps often can promote mold growth or will leak, so be careful. Furniture covers are available in some stores.

Is cedar a good wood for outdoors?

Western Red Cedar is one of the best woods available to make anything for outdoors. This wood is used to build houses, decks, roofs, etc. It is native to the Pacific Northwest, so it is a product of a wet climate and will withstand a lot of moisture. However, it is also very good in a dry climate, but will require some sort of UV protection and is best to keep a weather stain applied in this type of climate. With a little care your furniture could easily last 40 or 50 years! We use only kiln dried clear cedar, which is very important because it will not shrink or warp and has very few knots. Other good choices for outdoor furniture are redwood and teak.

How hard is it to assemble the furniture when I receive it?

We pre-assemble the major components of each piece at our manufacturing plant. For shipping purposes some of the pieces are boxed separately and you will need to put the major components together. This will required a Phillips screwdriver and/or an adjustable wrench. Depending on the items ordered, a power screwdriver or variable speed drill may come in handy. Instructions are included with your furniture and all holes are pre-drilled for easy alignment and quick assembly.

How is it shipped?

For most pieces, we ship via UPS. All the pieces are carefully boxed to prevent damage while in transit.

I live in Hawaii or Alaska, how about shipping here?

While we can ship to Alaska or Hawaii, you'll find that the shipping costs for cedar furniture is often equal to 50% to 75% of the cost of the furniture. Some pieces can go USPS at a more reasonable rate but take longer to arrive. Email us us and we'll be glad to quote you the shipping costs before we take your order.

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