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Soapy Soles

We're especially excited about the health ramifications of the Soapy Soles™ for people who need to take extra precautions when bathing. Anyone who has trouble bending over, standing independently or balancing while bathing will appreciate the convenience and autonomy that this product offers. Soapy Soles™ allows users to cleanse their feet effectively and gently without assuming uncomfortable or potentially dangerous body positions. In addition, the massaging action of Soapy Soles™ specially developed "finger-tips" has been found to be gentle enough for use by diabetics and others with skin and circulatory disorders. Now available in 2 models, Soapy Soles™ Original and Soapy Soles™ Elite.

Elite and Standard Soapy Soles are BACK IN STOCK!!

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Soapy Soles Elite
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Soapy Soles Original
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