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Dual Shower Heads

Dual Shower Heads are very popular with bathroom remodels. We offer 3 different types of dual shower head sets. The dual Arm Shower Head sets position 1 shower head at the wall like a normal shower head installation with the 2nd shower head out on the end of a double extension arm that can be adjusted up, down and/or out.

The Dual Bar Shower Head sets postion both shower heads up close to the wall side-by-side. All of the dual shower head systems attach easily to your existing plumbing without any tools (a wrench may be needed to remove your old shower head.)

Putting 2 shower heads on your existing shower pipe is simple and easy to do. Most customers will have plenty of water pressure to run both heads at the same time but with reduced flow to each since since you are splitting the water between them. We recommend using flow valves behind the shower heads so you can control the amount of water flowing through each shower head. The way you can increase the water flow to one head thereby getting a stronger spray from that shower head.

Another option is to install a regular shower head and a slide rail and/or handshower. Use a diverter valve to direct the water through the shower head or the handheld shower. For existing plumbing, use a diverter valve that simply mounts on your shower arm pipe right behind your shower head.

For remodels, we recommend installing an "in the wall" diverter valve. In both cases, the shower head and the handshower are controlled by the same mixer valve. The diverter valve only directs the water flow to one shower or the other. Many of our customers are building showers with 2 mixer valves. Each mixer valve is independent of the other and both shower heads (or shower head and handheld) can be run together or one at a time. (Please note, we do not sell in-wall diverters or mixer valves)

Don't see the shower heads you wanted with our dual arms in a set? Email us and we'll let you know if it's possible.

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Dual Shower Head Bars and Sets
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Dual Shower Heads - Dual Arms & Sets
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