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Double Locking Brass Extension Arms

Are all new super heavy duty solid brass double locking extension arms. Our standard model is popular but can only hold up to a 1 pound shower head. These arms can hold much heavier shower heads.

Each arm is 9 inches for a total of 18 inches fully extended.

Since these arms lock into place, they must be loosened and re-tightened every time you move the shower head up or down. This should be done with the water turned off. We do not recommend this extension arm except for heavy shower heads or in cases where you will not be adjusting the height of the shower often.

The pictures to the far right above show the internal locking cogs and the wingnut locking screw. To adjust the heights of the extension arm you must:

1. Turn off water

2. Loosen wingnut approximately 1/2 turn

3. Move extension arm to desired height, re-tighten wingnut.

All three joints are locking joints. When you raiser or lower the shower head, this will change the angle that the shower head sprays. You must also loosen the 2nd winghut, adjust the angle of the shower head and then re-tighten the wingnut.

Extension arms are made out of brass. Brass is not a hard metal or steel. If you try and tighten an extension arm using the arm as a wrench or lever, it will bend. We hand inspect every extension arm we send out and package them carefully to prevent shipping damage. Bend arms are not returnable for exchange or refund. No exceptions!

Available in Chrome or Brushed Nickel only at this time.
Weight 2.00 lbs
Price: $89.95

for all orders!