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Brass & Stainless Steel hoses

Our armored metal hoses in either brass or stainless steel are double locked. Many metal hoses sold are single locked (see example picture above for visual reference) The double lock makes for a much stronger, longer lasting hose.

Was does conical mean? "Conical" is a fitting at one end of a hose and must be used on brackets that hold a "conical" hose nut, not the handshower handle so the conical piece is what sits inside the bracket and holds the handshower in place when not in use. A conical fitting is cone shaped (see pictures above for visual reference) A conical end hose can also be used in place of a standard nut hose (a.k.a., a non conical hose) but a standard nut hose should not be used in place of a conical nut hose (since it can't fit into a bracket that is made to hold a conical hose). All of our hoses have brass metal ends, not plastic ends.

Here is a list of the brass and stainless steel hoses we currently carry.

ISA Brass Hoses:
Pictured in "Photo 1" above from left to right: Double lock brass hose with conical end in Chrome (out of stock) - Double lock brass hose with conical end in gold (out of stock) and a Double lock brass hose without conical end in chrome.

200cm Stainless Steel Double Lock hoses (matches chrome fixtures): We searched far and wide for strength and endurance and these stainless hoses passed the test.

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