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6" SoftJet Shower head

An elegant oversized showerhead at a very economical price. These full coverage showerheads give you as good or better shower than many heads costing much more. No 'dead spot" in the center of your shower head. Super for rinsing shampoo, conditioner and soap. A wonderful medium, spray, not too hard, not too soft.

Made from high-impact plastic with brass ball joint connection. Lightweight yet strong enough for years of trouble free use. Highly polished chrome finish. Matt finish face. Great for hard water areas... a simple wipe of the rubber jets with your fingertips or sponge while the water is running and the mineral deposits break off and flush down the drain.  

The 6" SoftJet Showerhead attaches easily to any standard 1/2" shower pipe. Due to it's light weight compared to brass shower heads of this size, the 6" SoftJet Shower Head works well on most adjustable extension arms and double extension arms. Pictured above is our 10" washerless shower arm. (Click here for other types of shower arms and pipes)

With the flow restrictor left in, the maximum flow rate is 2.5 gpm @ 80 psi on the SoftJet Showerheads. In the pictures above right, we show the 1/2" sealing washer removed but the restrictor o-ring still in place. Center photo is the 1/2" washer and the o-ring removed. The far right picture is without the o-ring restrictor installed.

The 6" SoftJet can be purchased alone or with a 10" washerless arm. Available in chrome only. Please choose which you prefer from the drop down menu below:

Weight 1.00 lbs
Market price: $21.95
Price: $19.95

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