Strong and high pressure shower heads are what we specialize in. We carry a wide variety of shower heads ranging from inexpensive to luxury. Strong and high pressure flow to water saving shower heads. We carry it all and we have extensively tested each shower head to make sure the quality is the very best.

Dual Shower Heads as in two shower heads on one shower? We have several styles and sets to choose from our custom solid brass dual arms to solid brass dual arms and manifolds. The sky is the limit with these dual shower sets.

Trying to raise or lower your existing shower head? We have that too. We have it all and believe we have the BEST of the best shower heads and extension arms on the planet! Our showers are hand picked and extensively tested before we even list them for sale... we tear them apart to see all the inner parts and how they're made and put together. We also carry a nice selection of Hand Held Shower sets as well as Slide Rail Sets, brackets, hoses, brass diverter valves, flow control valves and many other shower accessories to complete your ultimate showering experience.

At Neatitems.com, we are all about unique and quality. Our website has more than 150 pages of awesome high pressure shower heads from ultra strong to Eco conscious, environmentally friendly ultrafine micro fiber cloths and plush/fluffy towels you will want to sink into, great handcrafted outdoor cedar furniture, Wonder Wheeler Beach Carts, rolling shopping bags, an extensive line of Siroflex products plus many other "neat" items worth browsing.

Over the years we have always been on the lookout for products that offer our customers something unique, something that is not available just down the road at your local Wal-Mart or Home Depot. We don't have a retail store, showroom or expensive catalogs so we keep our operating costs low. This allows us to offer our products at competitive prices. Most of our items are shipped directly from us and are stocked by us. We strive to offer you great products and customer service and we hope you'll enjoy using the items you purchase from us.

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